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Membership Fee

The annual membership fee for full members is defined as a percentage of the gross annual salary and is set at 0.7% thereof. This percentage is identical for all CCM. The minimum membership fee is CHF 150.- and is deducted directly from the salary every 3 months. If you apply for membership, no membership fee will be deducted for the current and next quarter.

All non-members pay an implementation contribution fee of 60% of the membership fee.

Your Advantages

By becoming a kapers member you can profit from the following services and benefits:


kapers APP

The kapers App is a service provided by kapers Cabin Crew Union for their members. The main section of the app is only available for members who may use their personal kapers login to gain access.

Thanks to the possibility to download all the content you can access the publications wherever you are:

  • Cabin Pressure and Cabin Pressure Flashing
  • Daily Ops Guide
  • Contracts and Regulations
  • Statistics
  • Layoverinfo
  • …and many more!

Furthermore the kapers App has a Crewrest Calculator to give you the opportunity to calculate your crewrest. With the integrated Feedback tool you may send your inputs directly to kapers.

You’re not a member yet but still want to use the app? No problem, because in the kapers App you can find a Subscription which is ready to be filled in and sent.

You can find the downloads here:


Google Play:

Voting and Election Rights

Each kapers member has a right to vote (e.g. election of Board Members, Collective Labor Agreements and accession to other organisations).
Each vote counts and sets a sign of solidarity.

Legal Advice

The cabin crew union kapers offers its members extensive occupational legal advice. For kapers members, employed under a CLA with Swiss International Air Lines, kapers guarantees support for questions regarding:

  • Present CLA, Contracts and Regulations
  • Social insurances
  • Pension fund
  • Personal, labor-law related issues

The kapers employees are at your service. Call us, contact us via e-mail or drop by during our office hours.
The kapers team will assist you.


kapers members benefit from various publications, which provides  important information regarding the working environment and flight duty regulations, and are also a support for daily work.  
The kapers communication illustrates in its publications, on which issues and topics the union kapers is working on. The Board of kapers strives to communicate timely and transparent at all times.
The publications include:

  • Cabin Pressure (monthly): Information and comments on current issues incl. top news.
  • Cabin Pressure Flashing (as needed): Very important and urgent information in terms of „Breaking News“
  • iMail (as needed): Information mail e.g. for votes or elections
  • kabine Magazine (4x a year): Comments and profound background information from the Board of kapers on work specific issues, Board Members, stories and interviews from and with members
  • Daily OPS Guide: Important and helpful tips on FDR
Information Service Operational Committee

Members can contact the kapers operational committee for questions concerning schedule and assignment from MO-FR from 08:00h – 12:00h and from 13:30h to 16:00h.

Regular meetings are held with Crew Planning and Crew Control in order to address our members concerns to Swiss.

The operational committee also created the Daily Ops Guide, which provides important support for questions in the daily flight operations.

Accompaniment to Formal Meetings

A CCM which is asked to attend a meeting with it superior, resulting in action being taken against the person, may choose to attend such a meeting accompanied by a further person of their choice. kapers offers to accompany members to such meetings.

Should a member be invited to a Health Care Meeting, a Progress Meeting or any other meeting, then no accompaniment is foreseen. Nevertheless, it is common practice and will not be denied if a person wishes for someone to accompany him.

We provide information and assist you in all these respects.


Berlitz Language School

Your partner in all languages
Berlitz is an international company with nearly 140 years of experience. We are represented in over 70 countries with more than 550 branches worldwide. In our language courses, we focus on the essence of language, with active speaking prioritised from the outset. The courses are intensive and lively, and you will use the vocabulary or specialist terminology you need in everyday life. Berlitz promotes languages in all their diversity and the endless possibilities they present. What makes us special is that we teach all modern languages and we only employ highly qualified, professional native speakers who undergo regular training.

Take advantage of our 15% discount!
Thanks to the agreement between kapers Cabin Crew Union and Berlitz, all members of kapers are entitled to a 15%* reduction in the price of attractive Berlitz language courses. Full details of the collaboration between kapers Cabin Crew Union and Berlitz, including the benefits, can be found on the internet at:
(The link to the special conditions at Berlitz language school is only accessible for kapers members. Please log in!)

*Prices and terms only apply to members of kapers Cabin Crew Union and cannot be combined with other discounts. Proof of membership must be sent or presented when making a booking.

Your contact will be happy to advise you
Ivonne Affhüpper
Phone: +41 44 254 2070

Bénédict Language School

Presentation Bénédict Language School / BVS School Zurich

We are happy to announce that the Bénédict Language School Zurich has made an official cooperation agreement with kapers Cabin Crew Union. As a member of this union, you will be able to profit from various benefits, thanks to this cooperation.

In the year 1928, Dr. Gaston Bénédict, a Swiss linguist and former professor at the University of Southern California, founded the first Bénédict School in Lausanne. Now, almost 90 years later, Bénédict Schools are well-known in Switzerland, Germany and many other countries in Europe and overseas. The wide distribution of Bénédict Schools guarantees that their diplomas and certificates are highly respected, locally, as well as internationally. In Switzerland, Bénédict Schools are represented at the locations Zurich, Bern, St. Gallen and Luzern.

The language courses following the FREE-SYSTEM are particularly suitable for students who prefer to determine their training schedule, speed, extent and intensity themselves, according to their personal capabilities and time restraints. The FREE-SYSTEM consists of an ideal combination of the following four learning tools:

• One-to-one tuition: In this particularly intensive method, you work on and consolidate your vocabulary, grammar and the idiomatic usage of the language together with a native teacher. We especially emphasize that in this one-to-one tuition you may suggest your own key subjects.

• Language centre: In this facility, you can learn individually under the supervision of a teacher who is present at all times, who supports you and offers assistance. Owing to the uninterrupted opening hours of 09:00 – 20:00h (Friday until 17:30h and Saturday from 09:00 – 12:00h) you can decide when you want to learn and can thus profit from an unrestricted time and course schedule.

• Conversation: In small conversation groups you have the possibility to apply your oral knowledge actively and practice free speech (acting, reacting and reflecting) under the supervision of a native teacher.

• E-learning: This tool provides the opportunity to practice independent of time and place. It is particularly suitable if you have to bridge unproductive moments while travelling. The only requirement is an internet connection. We will give you access to this tool for a year, worth CHF 380.-, free of charge, if the contract value is over CHF 1000.-

As your cooperation partner for further education, we offer you a discount of 10% on the language course fees, as well as on all other training offers. Of course this discount applies for all locations of our schools in Switzerland. Please send us a valid confirmation of your kapers membership together with your enrolment.

We are at your disposal at any time for a consultation without obligation and/or a classification test. Just call us at 044 242 12 60. Mr Patrick Räber and all other training consultants are looking forward to your call and will gladly assist you in connection with your further education and occupational advancement.

Bénédict-Schule Zürich AG
Militärstrasse 106
8004 Zürich
Phone: 044 242 12 60
Fax:       044 291 07 90

Bank Cler

Bank Cler offers preferential conditions for following services:

  • Account administration charges
  • Maestro-Karte at half price
  • MasterCard/Visa (silver/gold) at half price
  • Discount on safekeeping accounts
  • Comprehensive financial planning worth 3000 CHF
  • Discount and additional reliefs for fixed-rate mortgage and variable mortgage
  • Doubled ‚Superpunkte‘ on securities transactions

More information can be found on following website:

TIBAG Insurance Consultancy

Tibag offers:

  • Neutral and extensive consultancy
  • Constant market observation and analysis
  • Annual clarification of needs and requirements
  • Risk management
  • Company analyses and expertises
  • Tenders and negotiations with insurance companies regarding cost optimisation and value
  • Pension planning

More information can be found on following website:

DEXTRA – Private and Traffic Legal Expenses Insurance

Dextra is a truly independent Swiss legal expenses insurance company. They are the only legal expenses insurance company which neither belongs to an insurance group nor an insurance association. Dextra quickly established themselves on the market as a young and modern legal expenses insurance. Shortly after their launch in 2013, Dextra won first place in the Swiss consumer magazine K-Tipp. In September 2014 Dextra was also the ‘Kassensturz’ test winner.

What distinguishes Dextra? Thanks to their lean and modern management and moreover their low distribution costs, Dextra can offer best products at favorable prices. But what counts most of all is their personal and full commitment to their customers.  

In the professional area, i.e. in labor law, social insurance law and other work-related legal topics, all kapers members have enjoyed full coverage of legal expenses since 1 January 2015.

Special conditions for full personal and traffic legal expenses insurances

For the full personal and traffic legal expenses insurance, each kapers member can in addition take out an individual insurance. Presently, the amount of coverage is best on the market.  

  • For an individual it costs CHF 147.00 per year
  • For a full household it costs CHF 210.00 per year

The insurance terms and conditions can be found under:

  • Click on „Privat-Rechtsschutz“
  • Select „Privat-Rechtsschutz Kombi“ – on the next image, select the desired starting point and whether you want „Einzelperson“ or „Haushalt“
  • On the next image, enter the following information for your individual requests: “Member of kapers, premium for personal CHF 147.00” or “Member of kapers, premium for household CHF 210.00”.
  • Then continue the online entering of data to the end and conclude it.
  • Dextra will then apply the kapers premium before release. It is very simple and (if you wish) paperless.

The Swiss Travel Fund (Reka) Cooperative is a strong, modern organization with a non-profit-making social tourism goal. It aims to enable as many families in Switzerland as possible to enjoy holidays and leisure. With its two business spheres, Reka Money and Reka Holidays, it has achieved a unique Swiss product mix.

As a member of kapers you have the opportunity to draw Reka credit with a discount of 10%, offered by kapers Cabin Crew Union. Your annual quota is CHF 400.-. You can pay with Reka Money at over 9,000 acceptance points all over Switzerland. Find an overview of these on or the Reka App.

More information about Reka you’ll find on:


Movendo is the educational institution of the SGB unions. Its goal is to assist the employees with their rights and obligations.

Movendo offers further education on topics around the world of employment in German, French and on request in Italian. Knowledge in the fields of politics, economics, labor and social security law, communication, cooperation / life-style and working tools is taught and widened.

Roughly 200 union intern and extern referents carry out the further training in collaboration with Movendo, all of them qualified experts and experienced adult educators.

The education offer is in general open to all interested people. Restrictions are to be found in the course announcements.

kapers members profit from discounted prices and get a paid training day (BZU).

More Information about Movendo:

Coiffeur Marco Sartori

10% discount for kapers members.