Board Members

Denny Manimanakis


Division 1

Chairmanship, Lobbying, Media, Public Relations, Represenation, Personnel, SFTU (SGB), Umbrella Organisation, Pension Fund, Union Expansion

Michael Singscheidt


Division 2

Appliance of FDR/FTL, Ops of Airlines, Planning systems, Security, Staff balance, EU-Ops

Lukas Krupitza

Board member

External Relations
Division 3

External Relations, Associations/Unions, International Unios

Sandrine Nikolic-Fuss

Board member

Working Environment
Division 4

Health, Service Procedures, Work Place, Work Equipment, Sales on Board, Crew Rest, Safety

Elisabeth Marshall

Board member

Finances / Member Relations
Division 5

Finances, Accounting, Membership Fees, Redundancy Scheme

Karin Waber Stadler


Contracts / Regulations
Division 6

Appliance of CLA, Appliance of Regulations, Legal Issues, Personal Rights and Data Protection, Equal Right Issues, Uniform

Tiziana Blatter

Board member

Division 7

Communication, Translations, Website, Information, Marketing, Members Relations, Editorship kabine

Elias Toledo

Managing Director

Union Management

Coaching of the Board, SFTU (SGB), Media, Coordination of the Board, Agenda, Protocols, Votes/Elections, Infrastructure, IT, Economical Data Collection