The Advisory Board

What is an Advisory Board?

If you google the word „advisory board“, you will find the following explanation on Wikipedia: “An advisory board is a body that advises the management of a corporation, organization, or foundation. Unlike the Board of Directors the advisory board does not have authority to vote on corporate matters, nor a legal fiduciary responsibility.”

This means that members of the Advisory Board act like sensors, in our case within the flight attendant corps. Members of the Advisory Board check the pulse at the front line, find which areas require attention and transmit their results and experiences to kapers.

Advisory Board Performance Mandate

The members of the Advisory Board act as speakers on behalf of the members of kapers on general topics. The Advisory Board watches the Board carefully. The Advisory Board shall address constructive criticism as soon as they feel that kapers is distancing itself from the true concerns and interests of its members, respectively does not take the concerns neither fully nor likely serious. At the same time the Advisory Board shall also confirm to the Board of kapers if they are on the right track and have set the priorities according to the needs of the kapers members.

The Advisory Board shall support that kapers truly represents the interests of the majority of its members towards Swiss and also addresses these accordingly based on its priority and urgency.
The responsibility for the staffing lies with the Board of kapers. Thus, the Board may address an individual on its Advisory Board function and replace the person if necessary.

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