Mission statement

kapers is the union for cabin crew members. Founded in 1971 it is the largest representative of cabin crew members employed by air carriers in Switzerland. kapers aims at safeguarding the common interests of all cabin crew members. Members of kapers work in air services and are primarily responsible for the safety of passengers on board commercial aircraft.

This mission statement sets the framework for the active and sustainable formation of the future of kapers, and is the basis for all its activities.

Our goals

Recognition as Safety Professionals 
kapers is committed to reach recognition for cabin crew members as safety specialists on board commercial aircraft.

Job Security
kapers is committed to create and safeguard jobs for cabin crew members.

Quality of Workplace
kapers is committed to a safe work environment and strives for a high job quality for cabin crew members.

Working Conditions
kapers acts as a competent social partner towards the employers. On behalf of its members, kapers stands up for the improvement of salaries, retirement pensions, social benefits and working hour regulations.

kapers is committed to a work environment which takes the extraordinary strain on cabin crew members into account and limits the negative impact on their health to a minimum.

Professional Further Education
kapers supports initial and further education for cabin crew members. kapers strives for professional and social approval of the cabin crew members by promoting the ‘Advanced Federal Certificate of Higher Vocational Education and Training’.

Public Relations
kapers aims to achieve a high level of recognition at national and international level, and represents the interests of the cabin crew members in public. kapers comments on issues which are related to the aviation industry.

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