Your benefits and services

As kapers member you benefit from the following services and advantages:


Members get exclusive access to information on our website. Members can always find the latest information by clicking on "latest news". 

Each kapers member has a right to vote (e.g. election of Board Members, Collective Labor Agreements and accession to other organisations).
Each vote counts and sets a sign of solidarity.

The cabin crew union kapers offers its members extensive occupational legal advice. For kapers members, employed under a CLA with Swiss International Air Lines, kapers guarantees support for questions regarding:

  • Present CLA, Contracts and Regulations
  • Personal, labor-law related issues

The kapers employees are at your service. Call us or contact us via e-mail.
The kapers team will assist you.

kapers members benefit from various publications, which provides  important information regarding the working environment and flight duty regulations, and are also a support for daily work.

The kapers communication illustrates in its publications, on which issues and topics the union kapers is working on. The Board of kapers strives to communicate timely and transparent at all times.

The publications include:

  • Cabin Pressure (monthly): Information and comments on current issues incl. top news.
  • Cabin Pressure Flashing (as needed): Very important and urgent information in terms of „Breaking News“
  • iMail (as needed): Information mail e.g. for votes or elections
  • kabine Magazine (2x a year): Comments and profound background information from the Board of kapers on work specific issues, Board Members, stories and interviews from and with members
  • Daily OPS Guide: Important and helpful tips on FDR

Members can contact the kapers operational committee for questions concerning schedule and assignment from MO-FR from 08:00h – 12:00h and from 13:30h to 16:00h. It can be reached via phone, email, WhatsApp chat or in person at the secretariat.

Regular meetings are held with Crew Planning and Crew Control in order to address our members concerns to Swiss.

The operational committee also created the Daily Ops Guide, which provides important support for questions in the daily flight operations.

A CCM which is asked to attend a meeting with it superior, resulting in action being taken against the person, may choose to attend such a meeting accompanied by a further person of their choice. kapers offers to accompany members to such meetings.


Fringe benefits (only visible to registered members)

Thanks to co-operations with providers from a wide range of sectors, our members benefit from numerous advantages and discounts, e.g. for language or further education courses, banking, insurance and leisure activities.